Hello my wonderful CAREER STARS!

Today’s blog is a collaboration that I am so excited about!

Back in November I did a periscope video on how to dress for an interview and I received several questions. One career star made a comment during the live stream that really stood out to me.

She said, “Dress for the job you want not the job you have.” She was so right.

Part of success is confidence and you can’t feel confident if you don’t look your very best.

 During the scope I talked about accessories.  I mentioned that the jewelry worn for an interview should make a statement, and be classy but not be too distracting.

Later that week my client, Kiara from San Antonio, landed her dream job at a marketing firm. She nailed her interview look but was then going crazy trying to find the right looks for her first week.

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

 I suggested to Kiara that she pick a few classic blazer or dress looks and then find jewelry pieces that add personality to her look but still look professional. 

After exchanging several picture texts with me, Kiara picked her outfits and was ready for her first week.

Kiara made me realize that it could be tricky styling the right business looks, so I decided to write a blog showcasing some sample office looks.

I wanted to find original accessories that were feminine, vintage, and added a professional classy touch.

 And who else to collaborate with than the very best CaroLily Finery!

CaroLily is an online vintage inspired jewelry boutique founded in Canada by mother and daughter entrepreneurs Donna and Danielle Scheven. Donna and Danielle strive to make each piece unique, and make every woman feel beautiful. The best thing about them is that they ship WORLD WIDE!

Look #3 - The Mother of Pearl Look

Anyone who really knows me, knows I’m a huge fan I am of pearls. Pearls can add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.  Whenever you feel like dressing up an outfit that may seem dull, just add pearls and see how your look transforms.  The blazer above is bold, and fun, but if not paired correctly, can look too casual for some business settings. This mother of pearl necklace is so much fun because it adds refinement while adding a twist to the classic pearl look with its delicate chains making  it more modern and an antique pendant throwing in a hint of retro to your look.

This piece looks like an antique jewelry box. The large freshwater pearls’
intriguing natural iridescence casts their magical allure. A magnificent
pendant of silver filigree and glass is suspended on sterling silver and
Italian silver plated chains, giving this necklace an irresistible appeal of
vintage romance.

Last but not least….

Say Goodbye to boring Office Looks! How to accessorize like a professional.

Look #2 – The Wrap Dress Look.

Another obsession of mine is dresses. When I am not wearing a suit to work, I am usually wearing a wrap dress or pencil skirt.  The trick to making a dress look professional is to keep the jewelry simple and elegant. The necklace above is sweet and delicate. Pink glass blown beads lined with 14Kt gold are intermingled with fine silk thread wrapped beads, and lovely detailed sterling silver caps.  A soft sterling silver chain adds more sparkle to this piece while keeping it classy and making it perfect for any dress.  It also comes with the matching earrings if you prefer not to wear studs.I also recommend pairing your wrap dress with a cami if it is low cut, as pictured above.

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Look #4 - The Corporate Summer Look

NEVER EVER wear a white suit to an Interview. You hear me? White suits are fun but are not considered serious enough for an interview. I would encourage them for summer and spring business events, because it’s fresh and can be professional if you are wearing it in the appropriate season.  Living in South Florida, I can certainly appreciate this look. The temperature usually hits 80 degrees here and the white blazer can help cool down the overall effect. The necklace above adds a simple but trendy look to the entire outfit. I love how detailed this necklace is and how many compliments I get every time I wear it.

This piece has a natural, easygoing attitude with semi-precious stones,
vibrant colored fresh water pearls, and pewter and sterling silver beads
flowing down antique silver chains. Suspended on the chains is a stunning
luminescent mother of pearl pendant.

This look is also great for Friday Happy Hour after work!

 I’d love to see pictures of some of your favorite business looks. Feel Free to email me at info@secretsofahiringmanager.com

 Find your favorite look at my Career Star Store at:


 Visit www.carolily.com to find any of these necklaces and many more beautiful pieces.

Look #1 - The Stephanie Look.

I called this the Stephanie Look because Donna and Danielle custom made this necklace for me and named it “The Stephanie Necklace.” They know how much I LOVE AQUA and how happy it makes me. This is my go to look for any special business event. You can also wear this to an interview. The all black adds a touch of elegance, while the aqua necklace adds personality but is not too loud or overpowering. The stones are made of jade; a large smooth and oval amazonite center bead that draws attention (my favorite part); and sapphires in various shades of blues and green.  The necklace also has accents of sterling silver, sparkle- lined glass- blown beads, and fresh water pearls. I’m telling you this necklace puts me in such a good mood!

Look #1 The Stephanie Look.